Dependency Injection as application design pattern

1. Inflexible

2. Untestable

3. Hard to maintain

Introduction to Dependency Injection

1. Flexible

2. Testable

  1. It has two optional parameters in the constructor. We can pass them as static coordinates to return from getCurrentCoordinates and getAddressCoordinates methods.
  2. It has one additional method generateRandomCoordinates to avoid code duplication in two other methods.
  3. Implementation of getCurrentCoordinates and getAddressCoordinates doesn’t perform any network requests. Results are either static or completely random.
  1. Navigator has nothing to do with service construction anymore. So it doesn’t care what parameters should or can be passed to the service upon creation.
  2. Injected service should implement specific interface, that is, contain at least all the methods Navigator will use. The key word here is “at least”. So additional methods don’t bother us anyhow.
  3. What about meaningless implementation, Navigator has no idea how coordinates are figured out. It just expects them to be an object with lat and lng properties. This is exactly what we get.

3. Easy to maintain

Factory functions alternative

Dependency graph




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